Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Greetings from Lecale

Hi everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I have always been a keen participant in blog discussion but have never really been interested in setting up my own blog until now.

I envisage this blog as providing a progressive left-of-centre outlook at modern political developments and current affairs- both here in the North and elsewhere.

There is a real absence of dialogue and cohesion between the democratic left in the North- particularly with reference to its influence and participation in the political process here.

The left has become very much sidelined from the socio-political process and has become politically irrelevant to most people. We ARE relevant- we just need to make ourselves relevant to people!

Whilst some of this has been due to overarching factors out of our control - such as the very nature of the green/blue politics here - I also feel that the left has contributed significantly towards its own maliase.

In previous years the left here has been dominated by infighting and has fractured considerably.

This is very much evident in the number of small political parties active in NI (that are little more than pressure groups) that all claim to be left orientated.

These division has meant that the left continues to be marginalised and experience fragmented inputs into the political system. We need unity.

I hope that this blog can engineer some cohesion amongst those like minded people out there in the North that identify with progressive left politics.

Issues such as water charging, union participation in the political process here and the increasing marginalisation of workers are some of the issues that I hope to address in the near future through this blog.

And I very much hope that this blog will provide a platform for debate and further discussion around some of these issues.

So please stay tuned and I very much look forward to discussing some of these issues with you soon.



  1. Good luck with your blog Barry, I'll have to get round to designing my own soon.

  2. Marcus MacCormaic5 February 2009 at 16:32

    Looking forward to reading your posts Barry!

  3. Thanks guys for all your support!